Zumba is…
- a dynamic, exciting and effective dance- fitness system.
- fun and easy to do.
- uses Latin-inspired music and easy-to-follow steps.
- a “feel happy” workout that tones and sculpts the body.
- caloric-burning with intermittent cardio-aerobic moves.
- for everyone... all ages, fitness level or background.
- no experience needed.
- more like a party than a workout!

About the instructor...
   Deb French was certified in 2009 as a Zumba instructor. She has been dancing most of her life, has a minor in dance from SUNY Geneseo and an MA in dance from SUNY Brockport. Deb has studied Modern Dance, Jazz, Ballet, African, Flamenco, Latin and various folk dance styles.  She has taught fitness and aerobics classes as well as Modern Dance and Creative Dance at the Valley School of Dance for many years.   She also currently teaches jazz at SUNY Geneseo as an adjunct.
    Deb loves to bring lots of energy, vibrancy and fun to her classes and to see a room full of dancing bodies and happy smiling faces!                       Come give it a try!

Valley School of Dance, 63 Main St. Geneseo

FALL 2019 CLASS SCHEDULE  click here

Class cards available.   Drop-ins welcome.     No prior experience needed.... Come join the party!!