*Student placement:  when registering, you are indicating the class(es) in which you are interested.  The dance faculty at VSD will determine the appropriate class placement based on age, experience and skill level.  Students may be asked to try a couple of classes to determine placement.

* You will be contacted if there is a question about your registration.  If you do not hear from us, please plan on attending the class(es) that you requested.

* Reg
istration payments are due at the time of Registration: mail- in or walk-in.   Installment plans may be arranged when necessary.

* No refunds after the first 3 weeks of classes.   No refunds for missed classes.
* Classes can be made up in another class with instructor’s permission.

* $20 charge for returned checks

*$10 Recital fee is due with Winter/Spring Registration or with Costume Balance paymants (March or April).

* Poor weather conditions – call the studio 243-5240 OR website SCHEDULE page for any class cancellations..