Leotards and tights must be worn for ALL dance classes.   Any color or style may be worn, unless specified below.
Hair needs to be neatly pulled back.

Creative Dance - pink (leather) ballet shoes.
Pre-ballet- pink tights; pink ballet shoes.  Boys- tee shirt,black leggings, black shoes.
Ballet - pink tights; pink ballet shoes; ballet skirt (optional). Boys-tee shirt; black leggings; black ballet shoes.
Pre-pointe- pink tights; pink ballet shoes.
Pointe- pink tights; pointe shoes.
Modern Dance - bare feet.   Boys- tee shirt and leggings; bare feet.
Jazz - black jazz shoes.   Boys- tee shirt and leggings; black jazz shoes.
Tap - black tap shoes.  Boys- tee shirt and leggings;black tap shoes.
Jazz & Tap - see Jazz or Tap above.   Black jazz shoes & black tap shoes.
Hip Hop - black hip hop shoes.  Boys- see above.

Zumba Fitness - clothing you can move freely in; clean indoor sneakers.